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I am frequently asked by clients “how long does it takes to build a house?”  Although the size and complexity of the home as well as the seasons and inclement weather can change the overall time it takes, I do have some guidelines that mostly hold true. The first step in any building process is deciding on a floor plan. If starting from a concept, this can take a month or so for the architect to create your floor plan, make multiple revisions, and ultimately finalize the drawings. Second, the bidding process takes place. This too can can take nearly a month to send out bidding information to contractors and suppliers, wait to receive those material and labor quotes in return, and assemble a final building cost for the project. After construction cost has been agreed upon, survey work and preliminary energy compliance preparation must be completed before permit applications can be submitted. Typical turn around time for building permit approval will range from just a few days to upward of a month in some municipalities (an early foundation release can sometimes be obtained when the permit approval process is substantially lengthy). After this, the construction can begin! The time for the actual construction to carry through completion is affected by the weather, availability of the subcontractors an/or building materials, and the timeliness of the client to make selections of all windows, doors, roofing, siding, brick/stone, cabinets, appliances, flooring, plumbing, lighting, etc. In general, 7-9 months is what can be expected on a custom home for the actual build time. I hope this was helpful!

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